What is a GNFT?

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use my crypto to buy NFTs?
Yes.   Through PayPal Checkout with Crypto, you can use your PayPal wallet and select from the following options: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, or Litecoin.
You can't mix cryptocurrencies when making a purchase. Instead, you can only select one type. In addition, you can't partially fund a payment with crypto and then use another payment method.
After you choose which type of cryptocurrency you want to use, it will be converted to fiat currency, and the transaction will then be completed.
PayPal is already known for protecting its users, and this now includes payments using digital currency. Eligible purchases made with cryptocurrency will include PayPal's 24/7 fraud protection and return shipping and purchase protection.

What can I do with an NFT?
  • Save on your phone or computer
  • Add it to your Zoom background
  • Sell, share, gift or print it
  • Use as profile image on FB, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn
  • Join an NFT group by hashtag
  • Show ownership with an NFT certificate

Can I be an NFT creator? How do I get started?
  1. Register on the Aleda.store.  We want to know all about you, your artwork, collectibles, music, photos, 3D images, sculptures, & videos
  2. Buy a creator coin to start a mint. 
  3. Upload your collectibles to our vault. We create a unique NFT, track ownership and have a marketplace for sales
  4. Once an NFT is minted, you can set the price and post it for sale in our marketplace

Can I mint a NFT here for my profile on Social Media ?

Yes.  If you would like a unique NFT for your profile photo, let us know your social media handles: FB, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter.

You will need to buy a NFT coin for minting and upload a 400 x 400 pixel photo to our NFT profile tool

We will mint a NFT from your photo and post a message on your social media page authenticating your NFT and stating you are the owner in our blockchain.

Do NFTs use proof of work on a green blockchain ledger?


Is the ledger unchangeable?


If someone steals my NFT and remints it or shares it without my permission, will Aleda.store remove it?


Can I store my NFTs in Aleda.store’s vault?


Can I gift my NFT to someone else?


Are there hidden charges for minting a NFT, like gas payments on the crypto sites?


Can I sell my NFT on the Aleda auction site when it launches?


Do I need a cryptocurrency wallet to mint a NFT?

No.  At this time, Aleda.store accepts Paypal and direct bank transfers.