Aleda VIP Coin

Aleda VIP Coin used enable private viewing of GNFT

Included Tax: $0.07

How to get started sending private viewing to friends:

  • Buy an Aleda VIP coin for each private viewing(blue coin with polar bear).
  • You can enable private viewing of the GNFT .
  • This is viewing only.  Ownership will not transfer to the person you send it to.
  • After you buy an Aleda VIP coin, the VIP coin icon will appear under any GNFT you have minted or purchased.
  • To send a VIP, click on the VIP icon below the GNFT you want to gift and include the recipients email address and an optional message.

Final steps:

  • An email from will be sent with links to the VIP private viewing room to the person you selected.
  • The person receiving the VIP invite, will need to login or create an account on the web site in order to access the gift vault.
  • After logging in, click on dashboard, and then private room.  
  • GNFT will be shown in your private viewing room

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